How organic farming can be purely plant-based

How organic farming can be purely plant-based?

(Biocyclic) Vegan − an Opportunity for the Organic Food Sector The market for vegan products is booming. Young people, in particular, are increasingly opting for a responsible, plant-based lifestyle for […]

heavy metals

Microbial Heavy Metal Remediation: A Solution for Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Health

Research Team: HeTa Food Research Centre for Excellence At the intersection of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDG 15 (Life on Land), the potential of microorganisms to tolerate, […]

Advancing Agricultural Sustainability: Exploring the Potential of Nanofertilizers

Over the years, agricultural practices have evolved to sustain the increasing population. The great majority of farmers still depend on the use of fertilizers, whether they are synthetic/chemical or organic, […]

carbon footprint

Carbon footprint in the agro-industrial chains

Introduction The world faces several environmental challenges, including protecting natural resources from over-exploitation and large-scale pollution. These challenges have become even more acute in the context of population growth, particularly […]

conservation tillage

Benefits of Conservation Tillage

What is conservation tillage? Currently, there is no universally accepted definition of conservation tillage, but one of the most widely accepted definitions is proposed by the Conservation Technology Information Center, […]

How monoculture can cause self-toxicity and soil fatigue: Risks, control and benefits for agriculture

When the same crop is grown for a long time on the same soil, its DNA (self) accumulates in the soil, and this causes autotoxicity and the onset of tiredness.  […]


The Farm-to-Table Movement and Its Impact on Local Farmers

In a world driven by comfort and large-scale manufacturing, the farm-to-table development remains a guide of progress, stressing the significance of supporting neighborhood farmers. This culinary and rural upheaval isn’t […]

Improved water management practices empower women in the drylands of India

Water reverses climate change effects and shapes women’s lives in Bundelkhand, India A case study in Bundelkhand, India (recording the results at the end of 2023) The increased temperatures and […]

Nitrogen fixation: definition, process, and importance for agriculture

Nitrogen fixation: definition, process, and importance for agriculture

We all know that rhizobia, a diazotrophic bacterium, helps fix nitrogen, specifically with the help of leguminous plants (Fabaceae/legume family). But here, in this article, we will explore some step-by-step […]

Are there benefits of integrating wildlife into your farm and ways to monitor it

Benefits of integrating wildlife into your farm and ways to monitor it

Remote cameras are a great method for landowners (e.g., farmers) to discover the presence of animals on their property. Since wildlife can impact your farm positively or negatively, understanding their […]