carbon footprint

What is carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is the sum of all greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and others) that are released into the atmosphere because of an activity, either directly or […]


What is resilience?

What is resilience? Resilience means the ability to recover from difficult situations. Resilience can be used to describe a single plant or a whole ecosystem. It refers to the organism’s […]

plantation agriculture

What is plantation agriculture?

What is plantation agriculture? Plantation Agriculture is the form of Agriculture in which a single person or company owns a big farm and grows a single crop (most often corn, […]

"stay green" characteristic

What is the “stay green” characteristic?

What is the “stay green” characteristic? Stay Green is a trait (characteristic) that allows the plant to keep its leaves green and photosynthetically active for a more extended period. These […]

soil humus

What is soil humus?

What is soil humus? It is the layer of organic matter produced from the decomposition of plant and animal matter through biological processes. It is rich in nutrients, and its […]


What is a bioindicator?

Bioindicators are organisms (plants, microorganisms, animals, etc.) used to assess or observe the ecosystem’s health. Changes in their diversity or population can reflect the existence or increase of pollution or […]

industrial agriculture

What is industrial agriculture?

What is industrial agriculture? Industrial Agriculture is the intensive and competitive farming model we have seen through the last decades. Industrial Agriculture is characterized by big farms that produce the […]

Alternate Bearing

What is Alternate Bearing?

What is Alternate Bearing? Alternate bearing is the tendency of some fruit trees to produce a much greater than average crop in one year and a much lower than average […]

What is Biological Control and how to be used in agriculture

What is Biological Control and how to be used in agriculture

This extension post aims to disseminate simple and safe strategies through technical support information that allow the family farmer and/or smallholders to increase the effectiveness of Natural Biological Control in their production […]

How to compose and use biofertilizers safely and effectively

How to compose and use biofertilizers safely and effectively

The principles of Biofertilization  What is a biofertilizer? The Biofertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer that can be produced within any rural property, with materials that are easy to find […]