How to compose and use biofertilizers safely and effectively

The principles of Biofertiliation  What is a biofertilizer? The Biofertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer that can be produced within any rural property, with materials that are easy to find […]

The principles and guidelines for successful composting

Composting, as a scientifically proven and technologically appropriate sustainable socio-environmental technology, consists of creating conditions, and It is recommended this favorable C/N ratio around 30/01. Therefore, the greater the diversity […]

Sustainable Socio-Environmental Technologies of Agroecology

This article, of an extensionist character, intends to demonstrate why Agroecology is an economically/socio-environmentally viable and sustainable solution for all smallholders for producing basic/fundamental foods around the world, especially in […]

Agroecology: an effective alternative to prevent new pandemics

The current Covid-19 pandemic started with a natural phenomenon called “Breaking the Barrier.” And so, too, future pandemics will arise. Many viruses that have always survived in balance in wild animals […]