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Participatory Precision Irrigation Systems – Efficient Management of Irrigation Water

Efficient management of irrigation water with IRMA_SYS Co-Author: Angelika Nomikou, Agronomist, R&D collaborator of EFFICIENT WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PC According to Aquastat (a water-related database of the Food Agriculture Organisation […]

Climate-Smart Agriculture Solutions in Rice

Rice production is a critical aspect of global food security as it is facing challenges due to climate change, which is impacting rice production in various regions of the world. […]

What is carbon farming - carbon sequestration

What is carbon farming – carbon sequestration?

There are many different ways to define and approach sustainable agriculture, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, several principles are commonly associated with sustainable agriculture that can lead to […]

What is (Crop) Residue Management

What is (Crop) Residue Management?

Crop residues are materials left in an agricultural field after the crop has been harvested. These residues include stalks and stubble (stems), leaves, and seed pods. Good management of field […]

what is sustainable nutrient management

What is sustainable nutrient management?

Sustainable nutrient management requires efficient use of nutrients based on applying what is available and needed, and to make it available to plants in a combination of cost-effective and safe […]

what is a cover crop

What is a cover crop in farming?

Cover crops are plant species that a person/farmer can grow on a field to improve-protect soil health and obtain an objective to provide soil and/or crop benefits or/and use as […]

Developing new agents for climate-smart agriculture

What is Climate-smart Agriculture? Climate-smart agriculture is a new approach aiming to confront-limit the effects of climate change in the agricultural sector by adopting new strategies, agents, and tools. The […]

The Importance of Mycorrhizae in Agriculture and Ecosystems

What is mycorrhizae? With the term “Mycorrhizae” someone can refer to both the type of symbiotic fangi or the symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots. The etymological origin of […]

Blue Carbon A Valuable Tool for Achieving Environmental Sustainability

Blue Carbon: A Valuable Tool for Achieving Environmental Sustainability

How to exploit blue carbon for achieving environmental sustainability – Why blue carbon is a sustainable solution Introduction The sequestered carbon captured and stored by marine ecosystems, such as seagrass […]

Innovative Technologies in Irrigation: The Present and Future of Water Management

Water is essential for crop growth and human survival. In the face of climate change, urbanization, and population growth, water management is crucial for the sustainable development of agriculture. The […]