Transforming European Vocational Education with AI Skills

Transforming European Vocational Education with AI Skills

AI4VET4AI Project: Unveiling the Future of AI Skills in European Vocational Education and Training (VET) Summary The AI4VET4AI project (AI-powered Next Generation of VET) has already committed to enhancing AI skills […]

The Potential Impact of Generative AI on the Potato Industry

The Potential Impact of Generative AI on the Potato Industry

Growing smarter potatoes Throughout history, the relentless pursuit of innovation has propelled agriculture forward. Today, we find ourselves amidst a new technological wave driven by the remarkable capabilities of the so-called generative artificial […]

Enhancing Transparency, Traceability, and Efficiency: The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Agriculture Supply Chains

Co-author: Dr Gu Pang Introduction The agricultural industry serves as the primary source of the world’s food supply, making it crucial for sustaining the estimated 8.5 billion people by 2030 […]

From Industry 4.0 to Agriculture 4.0: Shifting towards an intelligent agricultural decision-support system based on machine learning.

Co-author: Dr Gu Pang Introduction  Progress in the agricultural industry depends on strategic investments in technologies. Cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, sensors, big data, cloud […]

Digital Agriculture: Bridging Sustainability and Innovation for Future Farming

Digital Solutions for Greener Fields: Harnessing Technology in Agriculture Fertile Ground: Exploring the Imperative for Digital Agriculture in Modern Farming Concern over the environmental catastrophe resulting from widespread resource-dependent development […]

Listening to Plants with Chips Decoding Plant Bio Signals

Listening to Plants with Chips: Decoding Plant Bio Signals

Co-author Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand The Scojen Institute for Synthetic Biology, head, Reichman University, Israel. Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University Listening to Plants with Chips: Decoding Plant Bio […]

Machine Learning and Smart Farming Are the Future of Agriculture

Machine Learning and Smart Farming: Are the Future of Agriculture?

Recently, artificial intelligence has increasingly made its presence in our daily lives. There are occasions when we may not even consciously recognize the presence of certain technological advancements based on […]

Drones in Crop Monitoring and Management: Uses, Types, Advantages and Limitations

Co-authors: Mr. Yash Vardhan Singh and Ms. Kriti Sharma  In the face of escalating global challenges in agriculture, such as rising food demand, environmental concerns, and diminishing resources, the integration […]

robotic sprays

Infusing Smart Precision: Are Robotic Crop Sprayers the Key?

Have you ever wondered how robotic crop sprayers transform traditional farming practices and pave the way for precision agriculture? Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can be handled seamlessly. No more random […]

data management

Agri-data Management: Who Can Benefit from Accessible Agri-data?

As a primary food source for the global population, agriculture is essential for sustaining life, fostering economic development, preserving the environment, and maintaining social and cultural well-being. Agriculture is a […]