Yield, harvest, storage of sunflower

Yield, harvest, storage of Sunflower

Sunflower Seed and Oil Yield per hectare and acre Sunflower farmers concentrate all their efforts during the cultivation season to ensure that their crops will manage to reach their potential […]

Sunflower pests and diseases

Sunflower pests and diseases

Sunflower pests and diseases Even though the sunflower can be infested and infected by various pests and diseases, the need for control measures is not very common. However, the threats […]

weed management in sunflower farming

Weed Management in Sunflower Farming

Weed control in sunflower Despite its large final size, sunflower is very sensitive to weed competition during the first growth stages of the plant. Weeds compete with plants in terms […]

sunflower fertilizer requirements

Sunflower Fertilizer Requirements

First of all, you have to consider the soil condition of your field through semi-annual or annual soil testing before applying any fertilization method. There are no two identical fields […]

irrigation of sunflower

Irrigation of Sunflower

Sunflower is grown in many parts of the world as a rain-fed, dryland, or irrigated crop. The plant’s deep root system is responsible for providing drought tolerance, as it can […]


Sunflower Soil preparation, Soil requirements and Seeding requirements

To successfully cultivate sunflowers and help the plants reach their yield potential, the farmer needs to know and control the factors affecting the seed germination and crop establishment.  Planting time […]

Sunflower variety selection

Sunflower Variety Selection

What to consider when selecting a sunflower variety Nowadays, most sunflower seeds in the market are hybrids. In that sense, a farm-saved seed is significantly less productive, and the grower […]

Sunflower: History, Uses and Plant information

Sunflower: History, Uses and Plant information

The history of Sunflower Sunflower is the most popular oilseed crop in Europe and North America, where the crop originated and was domesticated during the first millennium B.C. While the […]