Yield, Harvest and Post-harvest handling of Maize

Maize Yield estimation per hectare  Depending on the end commercial use of the final product, the farmer may be interested in the grain or biomass yield of maize plants. The […]

How to successfully control weeds in corn cultivation for higher yields

Maize Weed Management  Weed management is maybe the most expensive activity in maize cultivation, but is absolutely necessary. The reason is that the weeds compete with maize plants for water, […]

Maize Fertilizer Requirements

Corn Fertilizer Requirements First of all, you have to consider the soil condition of your field through semi-annual or annual soil testing before applying any fertilization method. There are no […]

Maize Water Requirements and Irrigation Systems

How to design an irrigation schedule for maize, and what irrigation systems are available? To avoid stressing the crop, farmers need to design an appropriate irrigation schedule that covers the […]

Maize Pests and Diseases

Which are the most important pests and diseases in maize? Maize is a high-yielding crop, but in order to reach its potential, the farmer should protect the health of the […]

Maize Soil preparation, Soil requirements and Seeding requirements

Corn needs loose soils that offer proper aeration and drainage and at the same time maintain sufficient amounts of water close to roots. Too heavy or too sandy and poorly […]

Principles for selecting the best maize variety

Guide for corn variety selection – Factors and characteristics to take into account for choosing the most appropriate variety of maize. The selection of the cultivated maize variety is one […]

How to Grow Corn for Profit – Maize growing guide

Introduction to Maize Farming – Corn Production Manual In a few words, corn is a warm-period annual grass used for the production of various products. To start corn farming, someone […]

Corn Plant Information and Production

The maize plant Corn is an annual C4 grass plant. It has large, elongated, narrow leaves that grow alternately in opposite sites around the stems. Thanks to its strong, erect […]

Maize Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

The structure of maize kernel-grain The average corn grain is 8–17 mm long and 4–6 mm wide. On average, 1,000 grains weigh 250–400 g. (1) The seed of the corn […]