wheat shortage

Reasons that hampered Global Wheat Production and Supply

Why Century Old Wheat Has Been A Subject To Global Food Security? Climate Change: A 1°C increase in global temperature can result in a 6.4% reduction in the amount of […]

Methods of Application for Nano DAP

Nano DAP: Benefits, Concerns and Methods of Application

Co-author: Ganesh Saini “Nano DAP – where innovation meets efficiency, empowering you to achieve more with less.” For all crops, Nano DAP is a reliable source of readily available nitrogen […]

sunflower oil

Sunflower oil searches rise by 450% and has also lured Olive Oil searches to increase in March

Sunflower oil searches have been booming recently, according to Wikifarmer.com, which published its research on searches conducted on its platform.  More specifically, according to the site’s executives, people looking to […]

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Advertise in a Global Platform

Advertise in a Global Platform

Promote your brand and business to millions of farmers from all around the world Reach a very niche audience massively in a native and effective way. Contact us for more details […]

Smallholder farmers

Using technological solutions to improve Smallholders Farmer’s Access to Agricultural Inputs in Mozambique

About 80% to the country’s GDP, with approximately 4 million farm units and responsible for approximately 95% of labour force at national level, the Smallholder Farming sector is fairly homogenous. […]