Types of Goats Feed

How to feed Goats

What do Goats eat – Goats Diet Basics   In general, goats love food variety. Goat is a natural explorer and loves to wander and search for food. The state […]

Taking Care of Goats

Taking Care of Goats

Goats Care, Health and Well-Being   Unfortunately, goats often suffer from various worms and parasites. It is good to deworm our goats often (get advice from your vet). In special […]

Housing Goats Basics

Housing Goats – Building the Goat Farm

How to house Goats   We start by building our goat establishment well before we welcome our animals. As it happens in nearly all livestock activity, we need a shelter […]

Q&As on Goats

Q&As on Goats

What are goats used for on a farm? Goats are primarily raised for milk and meat. Many people also raise goats as pets. Finally, a small portion of farmers train […]

Goat Manure Waste Production

Goat Manure Production and Waste Management

Keeping our farm clean is the key to raise healthy and thriving goats. We must daily remove their waste from the shelter, because they attract flies and insects. Goats waste […]

Goat Milking 101

Milking Goats and Dairy Goats Management

Introduction to Goat Milking As stated above, the average goat can mate at an age of 1-1,5 years old (there are some striking exceptions to this rule). The pregnancy period […]

How to select Goats for Milk or Meat

How to select Goats for Milk or Meat

Just like in pig farming, a common mistake of inexperienced farmers is that they often start raising just one goat. The goat is a very social animal, born to live […]

Goat Raising 101

How to raise Goats

Goat Raising Basics – Introduction to Goat Farming Similarly to any other crop or livestock activity, if you possess the triangle “Land – Time – Energy”, then you can feel […]

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