Scaling Biofortified Crops Role of Farmer Collectives in Combatting Hidden Hunger

Scaling Biofortified Crops: Role of Farmer Collectives in Combatting Hidden Hunger

Co-author: Anusha Jain, Grameen Foundation, Image Credits: Garima Joshi Despite the current agricultural capacity to produce enough food for everyone, a staggering one billion people are still unable to meet […]

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Plant-based Diets: What are the Reasons to Shift?

Why shift to plant-based diets? Unveiling dietary transformations In recent years, a significant shift has unfolded in our culinary scene. Increasingly, individuals are embracing plant-based proteins over conventional animal-derived options, […]

Food Insecurity in Africa Can Insect Consumption Bridge the Protein Gap

Food Insecurity in Africa: Can Insect Consumption Bridge the Protein Gap?

Insect Farming and Food Security Africa is the second largest continent, with a population of around 1.49 billion people, which is expected to increase to 2.5 billion by 2050 (Guine et al., 2021). […]


Chocolate and Mental Well-Being

 How Chocolate Helps Mental Well-Being? In this fast-paced world, finding simple things that make us feel good is crucial for our mental health. One delightful treat that has fascinated people […]

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Plant Proteins: Crafting a Sustainable and Healthy Planet

While it might not be immediately apparent, have you considered that the plant proteins we include in our daily diets play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable and healthy […]

Biofortification: A Sustainable Solution to Hidden Hunger and Malnutrition 

 Imagine a situation where you have access to food, but it lacks essential vitamins and minerals your organism needs to stay healthy. This is the reality for billions of people […]

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Plant Proteins: The Green Revolution in Nutrition and Sustainability

Nowadays, with increasing the consideration of both personal health and environmental sustainability, plant proteins have emerged as an important aspect in a nutritional and ecological revolution. With the demand for […]

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Global Food Security: How Plant Proteins Drive Change?

Amidst the challenges of a growing population, climate change, and dwindling resources, the imperative of ensuring food security has never been more pressing. As conventional agricultural methods struggle to keep […]

20 Plant-based milk alternatives: Information, Production and Health Benefits

Table of contents Why choose a non-dairy milk alternative? Production process of Plant-based milks – How are plant-based milks produced? Oat Milk Rice Milk Soy milk Peanut Milk Lupin Milk […]


Kosher and Halal:  How they affect Muslim and Jewish dietary practices

Abstract The Jewish kosher dietary laws and the Muslim halal dietary laws are an integral part of each religion as part of their larger legal frameworks.  However, as food and […]