Nanotechnology in Food Science: Food Safety, Food Packaging and Food Processing

Nanomaterial Applications in the Food Sector. Toxicological Assessment, Safety Issues, Regulatory Aspects, and Health Risks of NMs. The food industry has a lot of potential for developing completely new products […]

20 Plant-based milk alternatives: Information, Production and Health Benefits

Table of contents Why choose a non-dairy milk alternative? Production process of Plant-based milks – How are plant-based milks produced? Oat Milk Rice Milk Soy milk Peanut Milk Lupin Milk […]

olive oil packaging

Best Containers for Storing/Selling Olive Oil

Which are the most used packaging containers to store or sell olive oil? To protect the quality and longevity of the olive oil, it is essential to store it in […]

Vegetable oils packaging

Vegetable oils Packaging

Edible Vegetable Oils Packaging Vegetable oils are obtained from a wide range of seeds, fruits, nuts, and grains, and the most popularly used ones are: Olive oil Sunflower oil Canola […]

food packaging

Materials used in food packaging

What are the types of food packaging? The food packaging materials help keep the food fresh and safe. Every material is used to serve different purposes. For example, they can […]

smart packaging benefits

Smart Packaging Functionality and Benefits

How does smart packaging function in the sustainability of the food supply chain? An effective and efficient food supply chain system can reduce the risk of food loss and food […]

Beneficial microbes

Beneficial Microbes in Food Preservation

The Unseen Heroes: Beneficial Microbes in Food Preservation Not all microbes are dangerous. We often associate microbes with diseases and infections. It’s important to note that “not all microbes are […]

Food packaging

How to Reduce Food Waste with Food Packaging?

Global Food Waste Issue Food waste is a global problem requiring a real solution. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) reported 14% of produced food products were lost from the […]

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

How Nanotechnology is used in the Food Industry

Nanotechnology in the Food Industry: An Upcoming Revolution Key Takeaways Nano is a Greek word that means billionth of something. One nanometer equals one billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is […]

How to Dehydrate Tropical Fruits for Natural, Healthy Snacks

How to Dehydrate Tropical Fruits for Natural, Healthy Snacks

Tropical fruits are not only delicious when consumed fresh but can also be preserved through dehydration, creating natural and healthy snacks. Dehydrating tropical fruits allows you to savor their vibrant […]