How does Hydrocooling extend the Shelf-life of Vegetables

How hydrocooling improves the physicochemical properties and extends the shelf-life of vegetables What is postharvest loss? The losses that are started after harvesting and remain until consumption are called postharvest […]

Food packaging

How to Reduce Food Waste with Food Packaging?

Global Food Waste Issue Food waste is a global problem requiring a real solution. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) reported 14% of produced food products were lost from the […]

How to Dehydrate Tropical Fruits for Natural, Healthy Snacks

How to Dehydrate Tropical Fruits for Natural, Healthy Snacks

Tropical fruits are not only delicious when consumed fresh but can also be preserved through dehydration, creating natural and healthy snacks. Dehydrating tropical fruits allows you to savor their vibrant […]

Irradiation in fruits and vegetables

Irradiation Technologies in Vegetable and Fruit Storage

Vegetables and fruits are highly perishable commodities that require careful handling and storage techniques to maintain their quality and extend their shelf life. Irradiation, a technology that utilizes ionizing radiation, […]

dehydrated fruits and vegetables

Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables for High-Quality Export

Dehydrating Tropical Fruits & Vegetables for High-Quality Export Dehydration of tropical fruits and vegetables is a preservation process that requires the right techniques and machinery. This article explains the methods […]