Dairy Products: Types and Nutritional Value

What is the evolution of dairy products?  Dairing– Civilization to industry Milk was essentially a toxin to humans until 7500 years ago because – unlike infants – they could not […]

Food Fraud in Olive Oil

Olive oil food fraud refers to the intentional misrepresentation or adulteration of olive oil in order to deceive consumers or increase profits. Olive oil is a high-value product and is […]

Olive Oil Production Stages

The process of oil extraction refers to all the treatments to which the olive fruit is subjected, with the aim of producing the final product, the olive oil. From the […]

White wine vinification

White Wine Vinification

In white wine vinification – in contrast to red – alcoholic fermentation takes place in the absence of grape skins. The main characteristics of white winemaking are the absence of […]