Food Waste Reduction and Data Analysis A Recipe for Sustainability

Food Waste Reduction and Data Analysis: A Recipe for Sustainability

Introduction Food waste is a global crisis that demands our immediate attention. With approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption going to waste, it’s a moral concern and […]


How Ozone is used in Food and Beverage Industry

Ozone: Safety and Sustainability in Food and Beverage Ozone has gained greater popularity recently as a result of rising consumer demand for “greener” food additives, regulatory approval, and increasing consensus […]

Value-added products from by-products generated from fruits and vegetables

Value-added products from by-products generated from fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables represent a considerable part of the food chain. When processing fruits and vegetables, there are many by-products generated. Moreover, these by-products might have many nutritional and unique […]

smart packaging

Smart Packaging Application in Bakery Products

What is the function of food packaging? Food packaging functionality is experiencing rapid development in line with consumer needs for food quality and safety. Consumer awareness of food quality and […]

fruit peels

The benefits behind fruit and vegetable peels

Utilization of fruits and vegetables peels Fruit and vegetable wastes include leftovers, peels, and seeds cut off of whole fruits. While fruits and vegetables are both excellent sources of nutrients […]

plastic packaging waste

Potential risks of food packaging plastic waste on human health and the environment

The main issues of plastic waste Plastic is almost used in every single product found in human life. After its discovery in the 1950s, plastic has become one of the […]

Nanotechnology in Food Science: Food Safety, Food Packaging and Food Processing

Nanomaterial Applications in the Food Sector. Toxicological Assessment, Safety Issues, Regulatory Aspects, and Health Risks of NMs. The food industry has a lot of potential for developing completely new products […]

20 Plant-based milk alternatives: Information, Production and Health Benefits

Table of contents Why choose a non-dairy milk alternative? Production process of Plant-based milks – How are plant-based milks produced? Oat Milk Rice Milk Soy milk Peanut Milk Lupin Milk […]


Kosher and Halal:  How they affect Muslim and Jewish dietary practices

Abstract The Jewish kosher dietary laws and the Muslim halal dietary laws are an integral part of each religion as part of their larger legal frameworks.  However, as food and […]

egg labeling

Classification, Marking and Labelling of Eggs

What are the numbers we see on the eggs? Depending on the region and the country you are in, there are different guidelines for egg marking. For example, in the […]