value-added products

What are the value-added products?

Value-adding entails transforming an agricultural (raw) product into a more valuable one that can be sold at higher prices and have a more extended storage life. Processing and packaging of […]

What is food security

What is food security?

Food security is based on 3 pillars: Sufficiency, Accessibility Affordability In the past, food security was unstable because of the inability to cope with plant pathogens (Irish Potato Famine, 1845-1852), […]

What is crop diversification?

Crop diversification means growing more than one crop in an area. The term describes many strategies and alternatives to mono-cropping (monoculture). The different crops are cultivated simultaneously or in a […]

fortified milk

What is the fortification of milk?

Fortification of milk Fortification of milk is a procedure to enrich cow’s milk with additional vitamins and minerals not naturally present in significant amounts. Usually, vitamin D and A are […]

Food Defense

Food Defense

Food defense refers to the proactive measures and strategies that food manufacturers and distributors implement to protect the food supply from intentional contamination or tampering. It involves identifying vulnerabilities in […]

food integrity

Food Integrity

Food integrity is defined as a condition in which food is safe for consumption in terms of safety, quality, traceability, and authenticity from various aspects throughout the entire production and […]

food safety

Food Safety

Food safety refers to the practices and procedures implemented throughout the food supply chain (food production, processing, distribution, and consumption) to ensure that food products are free from contaminants, pathogens, […]

food fraud

Food Fraud

Food fraud is the intentional and deceptive manipulation, misrepresentation, or adulteration of food products to gain economic benefits, mislead consumers, or evade regulatory measures. Types of fraudulent activities can involve […]

critical limit

What is the Critical Limit in food safety?

A critical limit in food safety refers to the specific criteria set for each Critical Control Point (CCP) in a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. It is […]

critical control points

What are the Critical Control Points (CCP’s) in food production

Critical Control Points (CCPs) refer to specific stages in the food production process where control measures can be applied to prevent or reduce hazards that could pose risks to food […]