Weed Management in Wheat Farming

The wheat crop can be infested with a great variety of weed species. This is because it grows under diverse agroclimatic conditions, different irrigation methods, different tillage systems, and crop […]

Yield-Harvest-Storage of Wheat

Yield, harvest, and Post-harvest handling of wheat Yield potential of wheat Grain Yield per hectare The farmer’s goal is to have a final yield that deviates as little as possible […]

Wheat Pests and Diseases

Crop protection measures against pests and especially diseases are usually necessary to protect the wheat crop’s health, yield, and grain quality. Wheat is susceptible to more than 30 diseases caused […]

Wheat Fertilizer Requirements

Wheat Fertilizer Plans and Common Methods First of all, you have to consider the soil condition of your field through semi-annual or annual soil testing before applying any fertilization method. […]

Wheat Irrigation Requirements and Methods

Water requirements of wheat When does wheat need irrigation?  Depending on the species/cultivar of wheat, both the time of the year that is cultivated as well as the length of […]

Wheat Soil preparation, Soil requirements, and Seeding requirements

Wheat is a widely adaptive crop and does not have very strict soil requirements to grow.  There is a great variety of wheat cultivars, with the main classification to be […]

Principles for selecting the best Wheat Variety

How to select the best wheat variety – Guide for wheat variety selection  The selection of the most appropriate variety for your specific field is one of the critical factors […]

Wheat Plant Information, History and Nutritional Value

Wheat is considered to be the most important staple food globally. Up to 55% of the population of the world depends on this crop for 20% of calory intake (1). […]