Rice sustainable farming and SRI (System of Rice Intensification) method

Rice has been the main food crop and the basis for livelihood in many countries from time immemorial. It can easily survive and be productive in fields based on sea […]

Weed Management in Barley Farming

The most common weeds in barley farming belong to the families Asteraceae, Poaceae, and Brassicaceae. They are the following (Mennan and Pala, 2018), (1): Wild oat (Avena fatua) Charlock mustard […]

Yield, Harvest, and Storage of Barley

What is the average yield per hectare of barley? During the last five years, the average spring barley yield has been around 7.2 tons per hectare or 107.06 bushels per […]

Barley Pests and Diseases

Barley cultivations are often threatened by external factors such as pests and diseases. If control measures are not taken in time, significant yield losses will occur. Τo better protect our […]

Barley Fertilization Requirements and Methods

First of all, you must consider the soil condition of your field through semi-annual or annual soil testing before applying any fertilization method. There are no two identical fields in […]

Barley Irrigation Requirements and Methods

Generally, barley uses moisture more efficiently than other cereals. As a result, it can grow without irrigation in many cases. However, almost 50% of the commercial barley farms in dry […]

Barley Soil preparation, Soil requirements, and Seeding requirements

After selecting and testing the barley variety (for example, a regionally adapted one), growers can prepare their fields for sowing. The appropriate seedbed preparation can dramatically affect all growth stages, […]

Principles for selecting the best Barley Variety

Selecting the most appropriate variety for a specific field is one of the most critical factors affecting barley cultivation’s success. The primary classification of the currently registered barley varieties is […]

Barley History, Plant Information, and Nutritional Value

History of Barley Common barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) comes from the wild plant Hordeum spontaneum. Several findings from the Fertile Crescent indicate that barley was domesticated 10,000 years ago and […]

Weed Management in Wheat Farming

The wheat crop can be infested with a great variety of weed species. This is because it grows under diverse agroclimatic conditions, different irrigation methods, different tillage systems, and crop […]

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