How to Propagate Hibiscus

A complete guide on propagating Hibiscus plants

How to Propagate Hibiscus Hibiscus plant information, physiology, and uses Hibiscus belongs to the genus of flowering plants (Hibiscus) in the mallow family, Malvaceae. They are known for their large […]

Quality seeds

Seeds of Success: Choosing and Caring for Quality Seeds

Introduction In the dynamic world of farming, the foundation of a successful harvest lies in the careful selection and nurturing of quality seeds. Farmers and agronomists alike must understand that […]

Seed Treatment methods in Organic farming

Seed Treatment methods in Organic farming

Seed Treatment with Natural Preparations in Organic farming:  Seed treatment helps in seed germination and protects the seeds from diseases during germination and plant growth.  Beejamrutha (or Bijamrita):  Method and […]

How to transplant seedlings successfully - A Plant Transplanting Guide

How to Transplant Seedlings Successfully – A Plant Transplanting Guide

A seedling (small plant) is derived from a seed in a process called germination.    Seeds for seedlings Farmers may sow their seeds directly into the soil or obtain quality […]

Seed treatment and its importance

Seed treatment and its importance for agriculture and food safety

What is seed treatment? Seed treatment is the application of fungicide, insecticide, or both to the seeds to disinfect (deep-seated) and disinfect them (over seed coat) from seed-borne or soil-borne […]

sexual propagation

Sexual Propagation of a Plant – Everything around seeds

A plant is propagated sexually when it produces seeds. This process involves the reproductive organs of the plant (flowers), the successful transport of the male gametes (pollen grains from the […]

vegetative propagation

What is Asexual or Vegetative Plant Propagation?

Depending on the plant species and the goal of the farmer or the scientist, plants can be propagated sexually (forming viable seeds) or asexually-vegetatively. Asexual or vegetative propagation is the […]

What is Plant Propagation

What is Plant Propagation – Types and characteristics of Sexual and Asexual propagation material

What is Plant Propagation? As plant propagation, we define the process of multiplying or regenerating a plant (mother plant). A farmer could use plant propagation to obtain a desirable marketable […]