Agricultural Insurance – A Financial Tool for Farmers to Offset and Manage Risk

Agricultural insurance focuses mainly on 4 key lines of agricultural production: crops, forestry, livestock/bloodstock (high value animals such as thoroughbreds), and aquaculture (also known as fish farming). It can also […]

Insurance – A Financial Tool to Offset and Manage Risk

Insurance is a financial risk transfer mechanism based on the principle of an Insurer (or risk carrier, to whom the Insured transfers part or the totality of a risk – […]

Risk Management Approaches in Agriculture

Farmers may reduce the impact of a hypothetical future sudden, accidental, and unforeseen shock by systematically identifying, analyzing, and controlling production, operational, market/price, financial, technology, regulatory, infrastructure, and human or […]

Agriculture and Risk

Introduction Around 10.000 years ago man started progressively transitioning from widespread hunter-gathering nomadism to fixed settlements in many regions of the world1. Controlling where, how, and when to secure regular […]