People have been consuming artichokes since the ancient years. People have observed some beneficial properties after consuming artichokes. Many studies have shown some connection between artichoke consumption and beneficial health effects.

According to USDA, artichoke is number 7 out of the top 20 antioxidant foods. 

100gr of raw artichoke provide:

  • Water: 84.94g
  • Energy: 47 kcal
  • Protein: 3.27g
  • Total lipid( fat): 0.15g
  • Carbohydrates: 10.51g
  • Sugars: 0.99g
  • Fiber:5.4g
  • Ca: 44mg
  • Fe: 1.28mg
  • K: 370mg
  • Mg: 60mg
  • P: 90mg
  • Na: 94mg
  • Zn: 0.49mg
  • Vitamin C (total ascorbic acid): 11.7mg
  • Folate: 68μg
  • Vitamin K: 14.8μg

Moreover, artichoke is a rich source of minerals and polyphenols, while some varieties also have a high level of anthocyanins. Except for the fleshy head, the artichokes roots have inulin, an oligosaccharide that can increase calcium absorption, positively affect bowel movement and lipid metabolism, and has anti-cancer properties.

Artichokes, according to studies, may:

Lower LDL cholesterol levels.

According to a study, artichoke leaf extract managed to reduce LDL cholesterol levels of people who consumed it daily for six weeks.

Boost Liver Health

According to data, artichoke includes two antioxidants, cynarin, and silymarin, that can reduce inflammation and fat deposition in obese adults’ livers.

Improve Gut Health

Artichoke leaf extracts may promote the development of beneficial gut bacteria and improve overall digestive health.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

According to studies, consuming hearts and leaves of artichoke could possibly reduce blood sugar levels.

Protect Against Cancer

Studies in animals suggest that artichoke substances have anti-cancer properties. There is no sufficient data on humans yet, though.


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