Wikifarmer is a global platform with the mission of empowering farmers through educating them and offering them access to the open market to sell their products at fair prices.

Learn from the biggest, open Library for farmers globally

Most farmers in the world still cultivate their fields with techniques learned from experience or taught by their ancestors, leading to non-optimum practices in terms of yield and regard to the environmental impact. As a result, as Wikifarmer, we decided to create thousands of articles with agricultural practices guidelines and make them universally accessible to all farmers of the world for free, as we believe that all farmers should have access to relevant educational material, the latest scientific-technological advances, and practical manuals that can help them upgrade their production and income in a sustainable way. Wikifarmer’s user-generated content can be explored both by amateurs and professional farmers. To make knowledge universally accessible, Wikifarmer offers a translated and localized version of each article in more than 15 languages. Our effort has been recognized by the International Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.) of the United Nations by characterizing Wikifarmer’s Library as “The Wikipedia of farming.” To reinforce our sustainability profile, reach our S.D.G.s, and create new high-quality and practical content solutions, we constantly welcome new authors and join forces with new partners.

Access to the local and global market through Wikifarmer’s Market Place

Farmers produce the most valuable part of the food supply chain, but they are the ones getting the least value out of it. To solve this, Wikifarmer offers a digital Marketplace where every producer can create a profile and upload his/her products for free, gaining immediate and direct access to domestic and international markets. Farmers can now increase their potential clientele, sell all of their stock, reduce their wastage, and all of that at better prices. This will lead to higher profitability for them and thus more investments in their production capabilities, higher employment, and more sustainable farming. Wikifarmer Marketplace is already available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Greek) with thousands of farmers that benefit from the digital transformation capabilities offered by us. Wikifarmer’s Market Place has proven to be a particularly valuable solution to producers and professional farmers, especially during the difficult period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It enabled them to create more distribution channels for their products, gain direct access to consumers and reduce their dependence on wholesalers and intermediaries, increasing their profitability by up to 300%.