Lavender Essential Oil Yield per hectare

Lavender Essential Oil Yield

Lavender Plant and Essential Oil Yield per acre   During the first two years, the…

How to prune Lavender

Lavender Pruning

How to prune Lavender   Pruning is necessary for the development and protection of our…

Potato Diseases and Pests

Potato Pests and Diseases

Common Potato Plants Pests and Diseases   Unfortunately, potato plants often suffer from various pests and diseases across the world. The first precaution against pests and diseases is crop rotation and tillage.…

Honey Bee Society Structure and Organization

Understanding Bee Social Structure and Organization   The bee society is consisted of the queen (which is the only sexually developed female), the worker bees and the drones. Each colony has only…

How do bees produce honey

Q&As on Bees

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