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Wikifarmer is based on article contribution from a diverse community of farmers across the world. 

We would like you to join our community, as long as you are a professional or hobby farmer.

As you can understand, we cannot publish everything that is submitted.

First, we have to verify that you have substantial experience in the subject related to your article. A short resume, a couple of photos of your crop or livestock and/or your social media profiles would be ideal.

Secondly, the article has to be original. We do not want to be accused of plagiarism or copyright violation. We will double check if the submitted article is published elsewhere.

Thirdly, we would greatly appreciate it if you sent us a consise article that gives a short "how to" guide, rather than a long theoretical article with many references. We do not underestimate theory, which is the foundation of practice, but Wikifarmer is oriented toward giving practical solutions that can be applied by the average farmer. You can also include photos or videos of your methods or techniques. 

You can also include a link of your blog or webpage, which we will be glad to publish, if your article fulfills the above requirements.

Sent us your article at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All the content you add will be soon reviewed by our agronomists. Once approved, it will be added to and it will influence positively thousands of new and experienced farmers across the world. The Greatest Free Online Farming Library

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