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Backyard Chicken Q&As


Do chicken need to mate to lay eggs?

No. Chickens can produce eggs without the presence of a rooster (male chicken). However, mating with a rooster is necessary to produce fertile eggs (from which newborn chicks will be born).

Does a rooster crow only once in the morning?

No, roosters (male chickens) typically crow many times a day, without a specific pattern. Roosters can be a major noise problem and that’s why local regulations are usually strict regarding roosters.

Do female chickens crow?

No, but female chickens can also be noisy at some time if something irritates them and/or they feel threatened.

What is the egg chicken’s lifespan and production yield and schedule?

The lifespan of a healthy chicken ranges from 8 to 12 years. There are of course striking exceptions to these age limits. Hens start producing eggs from 5-6 months old till the last years of their life. However, most chickens stop producing eggs at a good rate when they become 3 years old. During the first years of their life, most chickens produce 180-270 eggs annually. 


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8. Raising Chickens Q&As

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