Backyard Chicken Manure


Chickens Waste Management

Keeping our coop and field clean from chicken waste is the key to raise healthy and thriving chicken. We must very often shovel their waste from the coop, because they smell and attract flies and insects. Sand is also a good solution to minimize smell inside the coop. The farmers shall examine the ways in which they can take advantage of their chickens waste. For example, they can use it as manure in their crops (after leaving it for a couple of months to compost). Chicken manure, when composted, is an excellent fertilizer for vegetables, herbs, trees and other crops. It provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, while amending the soil in various ways. Keep in mind that you can collect the bedding of the coop (sand, straw, wood shavings) along with chickens’ waste and place all of the above in the composting bin.


1. Raising Chickens Basics

2. Chicken Coop - Hen House

3. Selecting Chickens for meat or eggs

4. How to Feed Chickens

5. Backyard Egg Production

6. Chicken Health and Diseases

7. Backyard Chicken Manure

8. Raising Chickens Q&As

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