Horse Waste Management - Manure


Horse Waste and Manure Management

Keeping the horse property clean is the key to raise healthy and thriving horses. We must remove their waste from the horse property very often, because they attract flies and insects.

Fresh horse manure contains high levels of weed seeds. Thus, if you just add fresh manure to your soil, your crops will suffer from the presence of those weeds, along with other deficiencies. However, composted horse manure is an excellent source of organic matter. It is the ideal soil conditioner for trees, vegetable, herbs and flower gardens, if added at a rational quantity to the soil.

Consequently, the horse owners shall examine the ways in which they can take advantage of their horse waste. They can compost it and use it on their crops, donate it to a local farmers union or sell it to a local merchant. 

Waste Management 

1. Raising Horses Basics

2. Housing of Horses - Building the Horse Property

3. Buying or Adopting a Horse

4. How to feed your Horses

5. Health, Safety & Care of your Horses

6. Waste Management - Horse Manure

7. Q&As Horses

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