Pruning Orange Trees


How to prune Orange Trees

In general, if we remove part of the crown from healthy adult citrus trees, this will directly result in proportionate reduction of their production. Even in young trees, which have not come into fruition, pruning generally delays their entry into fruition. Consequently, light pruning (trimming) should only be limited to making small interventions to the shape of trees. Our goal is to facilitate aeration and sunlight penetration to the inner part of the tree as well as to facilitate various cultivation operations.

The young trees receive their first pruning when they are exported from the seedbed in order to be transplanted in the field. This pruning consists of removing part of the root system of seedlings and part of the crown, so as to bring some balance between vegetation and root system. Trees that suffer damages from frost, very high temperatures, or rodents, need special pruning. If the damage is slight and has only infected foliage and young shoots, we do not need to prune. But when a severe frost has affected larger branches, the pruning is necessary.

Better results can be achieved if the pruning is done in early spring, when there isn’t risk of frost. Vegetation renewal is achieved more through spring pruning and less through the autumn pruning. The autumn pruning generally encourages the development of a late wave of growth, which is very sensitive to winter frosts. Please note that the pruning shear must be sterilized through an alcohol solution, as it can transmit various fungal or bacterial diseases to the orange trees.

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