Fertilizing Orange Trees


How to fertilize citrus trees – Orange trees fertilization requirements

Citrus fruits have great needs in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Some microelements are also necessary (iron, boron, magnesium, aluminum, fluorine, manganese, zinc and copper). The needs of citrus in nitrogenous fertilization are large and most important than any other type of nutrition. The lack or limited amount of nitrogen slowly decreases germination, causing yellowing of the foliage of the tree, premature defoliation and desiccation of germination.

We can say that the annual fertilizer requirements of citrus are 260 to 440 lbs. (120 to 200 kg) per hectare for N, 67 to 100 lbs. (30 to 45 kg) per hectare for P and 130 to 330 lbs. (60 to 150 kg) per hectare for K. Under normal conditions, the supply of 260 to 440 lbs. (120-200 kg) nitrogen per hectare is beneficial. It is also beneficial to provide 5,5 – 7,7 lbs (2,5-3,5 kg) P2O5 in every adult tree for 4-5 consecutive years. In soils where the potassium fertilization is effective, it is also beneficial to add 3,3-6,6 lbs. (1.5-3 kg) K2O in every adult tree for two consecutive years. The best time to apply fertilization is during spring. Application is done by ground or foliar fertilization. Foliar fertilization is a fast an effective method when iron, magnesium, boron and copper deficiencies have to be tackled during critical stages of crop development. The soil pH must also be checked at least once a year. If soil pH is greater than 7, then farmers may have to take actions in order to correct it by applying an acidic soil fertilizer, after consulting a licensed agronomist.

However, these are just some common patterns and should not be followed without making your own research. Every field is different and has different needs. It is beneficial to test your soil at least once a year, and take corrective actions after consulting an expert.

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