Olive Tree Growing Requirements


Olive Tree Climate-Temperature Requirements

The areas where olive trees are cultivated for commercial use must have an average annual temperature of 60-68 °F (15-20 °C). The absolute maximum temperature can reach 104 °F  (40 °C) without causing damage, but the minimum should not fall below 20 °F (-7 °C). Lower temperatures than this can cause serious damage to the trees. Of course, the temperature of 20 °F is only indicative, because the resistance of the tree in cold depends on other factors as well, such as how quickly the temperature drops, the length of the frost, the presence of strong cold winds, humidity, germination and health of the tree variety, weather conditions before frost etc. In general we can say that the olive tree should not be cultivated commercially in areas where the temperature often drops below 20 °F (-7 °C).

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