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Are almond trees deciduous?

Yes. Almond tree drops it leaves when in dormancy.

Why are almond trees planted at an angle?

Almond growers often plant their trees so that they have an angle of 8-14o into the prevailing wind. This technique is believed to protect trees from fungal or root rots. However, if there is a strong wind having the opposite than normal direction, it can diminish a part of the almond orchard. Read a related story.

How tall do almonds trees grow?

15 to 30 feet.

Can you grow an almond tree from an almond?

Of course. However, as it happens in most fruit trees (citrus, apple, olive, nuts), a tree grown from seed will get into fruition much later than a tree that is a combination of a carefully selected rootstock and a scion. A tree grown from seed may not produce fruits for the whole of its lifetime for various reasons. However, you can feel the joy of growing your own tree from seed by reading our guide.

Are peaches and almonds related?

Of course. Both peach and almond belong to the family Rosaceae. They even belong to the genus Prunus and the sub-genus amygdalous. 

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