Thyme Weed Control



Thyme Weed Management

Unfortunately, thyme plants often suffer from weeds, which compete with plants in terms of space, access to sunlight, water and nutrients. The presence of weeds will have a negative effect in the quantity of fresh plant material harvested as well as in the quality of essential oil. It is essential that all growers have a sound weed control strategy, which may differ significantly between countries, law framework, means of production, industry to which the product is intended etc.

The first measures against weeds are taken with the first tillage, well before planting the seedlings. A second very important step towards effective weed control is the frequent tillage or the hand weeding of the area between the rows of the plants. Inside the row of the plants, healthy mature thyme plants normally do not allow weeds to appear, due to their dense spacing (12 inches- 30 cm). However, professional thyme farmers check regularly for the presence of weeds inside the row and carefully remove weeds by hand if needed.

Many thyme farmers cover the part of the soil that is located between the plant rows with a special weed plastic mat. The plastic mat prevents the development of weeds, while increasing the soil temperature. In other cases, farmers put mulch around the plants base. Apart from controlling weeds, mulch also reflects sunlight.

Thyme Weed Management

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