What is Wikifarmer.com ?

Wikifarmer is the first User Generated Online Farming Library.

Engineers, Botanists, large and small scale farmers, beekeepers and amateur gardeners all have the same vision: To share our best farming practices and experiences so as to help each other all over the world.

We believe that all farmers across the world, amateurs and professionals, have the right to have access to best farming practices.

All our articles can be edited by anyone, and after the approval of our agronomists, the content you create is added to a high quality Online Farming Library.


Who we are

Wikifarmer.com was founded in 2016 by Petros Sagkos, a 34 years old Engineer Agriculturist (Master of Science) and farmer.

The idea was born as Petros had decided to cultivate oregano so as to extract essential oil. He needed advice on which variety to prefer, seeding rate, cultivating methods, days to harvest etc. After an extensive web research, he did not find any free credible resources across the web. Some relevant websites were asking for monthly subscriptions, and even after paying, they released some very basic data instead of a detailed step by step guide. 


Wikifarmer.com Mission

At that point, Wikifarmer.com mission was created: To gather, edit, consolidate and finally release free, contemporary and useful farming practices so as to help every farmer in the world. 


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